Jen Phillips

Jen is a technical writer living and working in the UK. She fell into technical communication by accident and stayed on purpose. She designs and documents database modules which help healthcare organisations track their compliance with regulations. Outside work, Jen is a mum of two with an interest in natural parenting. She dabbles with any craft or creative hobby going, including baking, music and yarn crafts. She tweets as @JetlagJAP and blogs sporadically at

welcome to neunet

Welcome to Neunet. What Would You Like to Know?

She checked herself in the mirror, straightened her jacket and tried to look confident. The knowledge that anxiety made her epilepsy worse did nothing to ease her mind, as she imagined having a seizure in front of the people she was supposed to be impressing. She frowned at herself briefly, then took a deep breath and stepped out of the ladies' and back onto the foyer of Neunet Plc, the self-styled “supercomputer supercompany.” Continue reading ...