Laurie Johnson

Laurie Johnson currently works as a Senior Technical Writer in the transportation sector, and has worked as a technical writer and editor at medical device, legal, and financial companies. She has a B.A. and M.A. in English, and was planning to be a professor before she discovered that working in a cubicle and hanging out with with developers and engineers was lots of fun. Laurie is a tech junkie and avid lover of DIY and handmade stuff. She also enjoys knitting, running, and taking taekwondo classes with her family.
Laurie is on LinkedIn, and tweets less frequently than she should at @johnsonla.

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Alternatives to Face-to-face Technical Communication Conferences

Few can dispute the benefits of attending a professional conference. Whether you attend the STC annual conference, WritersUA, LavaCon, SIGDOC, IPCC, or one of the numerous other technical communication-oriented meetings, you attend for the opportunities--to sharpen your current skills, learn new skills, catch up with tool and technology trends, pick the brains of leaders in the field, and network, network, network. Let’s take a look at four lower-cost options that can provide many of the same benefits: webinars, virtual conferences, unconferences, and twitter chats. Continue reading ...