Wanda Phillips

Wanda has worked for nearly 25 years as a Technical Communicator exploring the means and methods of making it possible for users in various fields to almost understand and use the expensive products their management bought for them. Her passion is generating content that makes everyone feel they've gotten money's worth. Her last great win involved introducing DITA to help her fellow writers and editors juggle the increasingly heavy workload, to ease the product users into the complicated interface and features of the ever increasing number of options and systems, to trick the translators into doing less work, and, finally, to allow her manager to create an award-winning spreadsheet comparing the costs of DITA content against the traditional approach.

Currently Wanda is juggling partial disability with two books; one book is about transitioning to DITA and the other is a space odyssey. She never confuses the two. Working at home allows her to take naps, work at 2AM, and wrestle with anxiety about being less able than she's been since she was a toddler.

Dear Santa: Five Wishes Before We Just Hang Out

I know you suffer because so few people believe in you, even though you deliver as much and often as you can, even though you deliver, on time, except for when hucksters pretending to be you give something late and try to use your names to shift blame for their poor planning. Oh Santa, sometime we'll meet at a local coffee shop and share our disappointment but, and this is important, we'll put those aside and we'll concentrate on the things we did that made a difference. Continue reading ...

Is Technical Communication Art?

Resolved: Technical Communication IS Art

Technical Communication is definitely an art because all forms of art and technology converge together to create documents. Underlying all forms of art, is the core definition of communication; different art forms use different techniques to communicate to an audience. Continue reading ...