Authoring in the cloud

This is a vendor post

Sometimes people ask whether collaborative authoring via the cloud is possible.
This is indeed possible with HelpServer.

HelpServer is web-based authoring software that enables authors to collaborate in real time into one central content source (=database).
The Server can be either your own proprietary server (if you buy HelpServer) or one of our Servers (SaaS-rent HelpServer).

+ Content is stored as XML in a central database that resides on a web-server.
+ Content is accessible in real time from anywhere at any time.
+ The interface that comes with an integrated editor allows authors to write content without having to know any programming or markup-language.
+ Authors can convert legacy documentation written in for instance Microsoft Word to HelpServer.
+ Next to converting content – HelpServer also allows authors to import a wide range of binairy file types (for some even metadata are extracted for search and retrieval).
+ Depending on configurable access rights, authors can read and contribute to the documentation content in real time.

As soon as content is ready-to-go it can be published to an online self-service web-platform from where end-users can browse content and print content objects (even entire books) to PDF files on the spot.
Next to delivering content to end-users in real time via the Internet, HelpServer enables authors to: Export content objects from the central database to different file formats: PDF, HTML, HTML Help, XML, and DITA.

If you are interested in a demo contact or download a trial version from our website: . For those who do not want to download and install anything contact us for a SaaS trial.