Neuro-linguistic Programming Breakthrough Powers ClickHelp Upcoming Release

logo_dark_xsmallClickHelp Software announced earlier today a groundbreaking study in neuro-linguistic programming. The new algorithm will be the basis of their new ClickHelp NLP release later this month.

Our recent December 2013 study suggested that NLP techniques may improve the technical documentation quality, helping readers memorize the content easier. What is more important is that we have found a way to automatically process texts to improve them using certain NLP techniques. We conducted an experiment to check this theory, and the algorithm we developed.

eyeThe controlled study measured 78 respondents’ ability to recall technical content as prepared by five professional technical writers collaborating as a team.

ClickHelp also posted an open invitation to technical communication professionals to participate in beta testing of the NLP release, accompanied by a short pre-screening survey using the NLP algrorithm.

Read more about ClickHelp NLP at ClickHelp.Com

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