Does Your Company Really Care about Customer Experience? (Poll)

And to think we paid for this

And to think we paid for this

We’re gearing up for some serious Customer Experience Management (CXM) coverage around here and thought it was time to ask about your thoughts on CXM. Our question for this week is pretty basic: does your company really care about the customer’s experience?

Sure, most companies care about the pre-sale experience, but what about those moments after we’ve paid for the product or procured the service? We’re asking about deeds here, not just words since every company says they care about the customer.

Anyone who has ever fought a phone tree, found the almost no documentation, or that the product really didn’t preform as well as the webinar-advertisement-great review suggested can attest that sometimes the words and deeds do not match. Since we’re the folks often in charge of helping people understand the product or service, this happens far more often than any of us would like to admit or think about.

In our opinion, bad CXM is a company choice. Companies choose this by not investing in good technology, providing any enough training, allowing enough time to get the documentation right and /or keeping hiring the right people for the job. They’ll create environments that allow bad customer service to be acceptable and even reward the effort if the pain was administered quickly. There’s way more here but before we kill 90% of our articles that are in development, so we’ll stop and say that from our point of view a desire for CXM starts from the top.

To kick things off (coverage really started with the poll questions here and here), our simple question is:

Does your company really care about the customer experience? Why? Our comments are open so please jump into the discussion to explain your vote.

Go ahead, it’ll be cathartic and thanks to the fact we don’t make you register –completely anonymous.

Does Your Company Really Care about Customer Experience?

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