Day The Rest – STC 2011

Somehow in the blink of an eye, the 2011 STC Summit came and went. The blink was four days of meeting nice people, discussing the future of technical communications, some great food and abysmal weather. Oh, and about 10 miles of walking thanks to our late booking for the conference. Other than Connie’s ridiculously long trip home, the event was a great success.

We got to meet a few Tech-Whirlers (but not as many as we’d hoped), met many of our lovely and gracious sponsors, and finally got to see each other face-to-face for the first time since taking over Techwr-l in April. To the Tech-Whirlers we met – it was a sincere pleasure; to those we almost met but logistics got in the way – we promise to be more organized for 2012. To those technical communicators who often said – I used to be part of the discussion – welcome back. We’ve missed you. To those who hadn’t heard about us but liked the idea of having a place to go to discuss the topics of the day and liked the idea of having an online magazine for tech writers – welcome, welcome, welcome.

To our Sponsors – much luv – our goal is to simply provide twice the value that you pay, while providing the same value to our community. We’ll never become a NASCAR site (meaning logos everywhere) but intend to ensure that if you’re with us – we’re with you. To the future – Connie and I have worked out our plans for the next year. They’re hopefully creative, aggressive and realistic. We’ll be sharing more over the next few days and weeks. To the gang over at the STC – Thanks for a good event. Get some sleep, take some extra vitamin-C and go re-introduce yourselves to your family. ;)

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