Dear Santa: Jack Molisani Asks About Silos, Strategy and Stuff

Editor’s Note: Jack Molisani has been organizing the LavaCon Conference since 2002, and the gang at TechWhirl has taken part for three years running.  Jack also uses some of that boundless energy to run ProSpring Technical Staffing, and speak to a wide range of groups on tech comm, project management and career development. His take on stuff, content silos, and strategy makes for a unique letter to Santa.

Santa-planeDear Santa,

I was going to ask you for the stuff I wanted for Christmas this year, but then I realized I have enough stuff.  Please redirect my stuff allocation to some kids who may not have enough stuff of their own.  Maybe temporary shelters for hurricane victims in Haiti and the Philippines?  Or maybe fresh water stills for kids in Somalia?

And on your way to Somalia, can you talk with the various warlords throughout the world and ask them to just sit down and come up with a compromise everyone can live with?  (Ditto for the warlords in the US Congress if you’re not too busy.)

And finally, is it asking too much for companies to create a unified content strategy that spans marketing and tech com silos?  And what’s with the silo building anyway?  I mean really, if women in unstable countries can brave sniper fire just to fetch bread and water, surely MarCom and TechCom can sit down across some doughnuts and coffee and get their act together.

OK, Santa, I know you’re busy so I’ll end here. But do leave me a note if you can get to my list?

My house will be the one with gluten free cookies and a glass of almond milk by the fireplace.

Happy Holidays,

Jack Molisani

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