Dear Santa: TechWhirl’s Owners’ Holiday Wishes

Editor’s Note: We wind down our All I Want for Christmas wishes for 2013 with a note from Al and one from me to the big guy way up there at the North Pole before he heads out on his global adventure.

I want to wish our very special writers, our readers, and everyone a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year.

My personal wish to Santa is for everyone to finish 2013 strong and plan for a spectacular 2014. While the gifts of the holidays fade, the light of hope can spring eternal and last throughout the entire year.

If Santa could deliver wisdom, patience and optimism to all, then all will almost always have a good night.

super santaVery Sincerely,

Al Martine


Dear Santa,

I’m only looking for a few things this year, but they are some doozies, so I understand if you can’t make the 12/25 deadline:

  1. Integration between ToDoIst, TeamWorks Project Manager andWordPress. One dashboard for all the tools I use to keep track of all the stuff I do would cut down on those overdue red dots … A LOT.
  2. A Keurig that automatically delivers my coffee from my kitchen to my desk.
  3. A Siri plug-in that I can ask to balance all my bank accounts.
  4. Six extra hours a day… seriously, I could get so much more done.
  5. An internal alarm clock to remind me to regularly tell the amazing people I work with, my friends, and especially my family how much they mean to me.
  6. Some of that wisdom and patience that Al talked about so I can make a positive difference no matter what each day brings.

I know you’re out on PTO starting on 12/26, so please take it easy and if I don’t see you before, have a great 2014.


Connie Giordano

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