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Who's winning in the battle between the bulls and bears?

Who’s winning in the battle between the bulls and bears?

Summertime north of the equator is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Parents are packing kids up for one last trip to Walley World (or just getting back) and the gentle hum of businesses basically sitting in neutral thanks to summertime PTO – vacations – out early every Friday – are starting to kick back into gear.  Let’s have that meeting once I’m back from vacation is now moving toward let’s have that meeting in the next week or so. Shall we use the word calendaring, or is it still too early on a Monday?

It’s still hot with Texas and other southern US states with temperatures regularly reaching 100+ degrees, but the autumn cooling is coming and then finally the cold of winter. But while our outdoor temperature is still hot, our economy has been far from it.

There’s no need to harp on what we already know, but to say the economy has been poor for most is an understatement. However, like the occasional 60 degree day in late winter to give hope, many economic indicators and media reports suggest things are getting better. Or, have gotten better and then got worse and then got better. Or, they got really bad, suddenly improved, got bad … now great!

Matt Sullivan has often said that he can tell the direction of the economy by just talking with Technical Writers because their training and outsourcing budgets are impacted months before forecasts and earnings get reported. Their success or plight can accurately predict where things are headed in the next six months. Tech Writers start getting whacked (our words not Matt’s) just before a recession hits, but contracts and opportunities arrive just as the bulls are coming back into town.

While “the economy” does refer all of our activities in the aggregate, the reality is that for each of us the economy is a personal experience. We know some companies and people who have had a great run in the last four plus years and we also know people who have had a tough time back in the “good old” economy.

So our question for this week is your thoughts on the economy – for you – is it getting better? Or, worse? And then let’s discuss in the comments.

A gentle reminder that we’re a very public website so please take care in your comments when discussing things like your employer, your thoughts on politics, etc. 

In your opinion, is the economy improving?

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Jacquie Samuels

Jacquie Samuels

9 years ago

Clients now seem to be able to acquire budget and are looking for more than just a quick fix to their documentation, so from my perspective, things are on an upswing. “Just get it done” has changed to “How do we do it right?”. Mind you clients without money would hardly be knocking on my door–so it’s hard to tell.

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