Globalization News: Company Announces Emoji Localization Standard

Inexpressible Island, Antarctica–Illiteracy Inc. announced its latest globalization effort yesterday, saying that that it will be rolling back its content to prehistoric times by requiring all staff technical writers to localize content to emoji.

To this end, the company immediately took down all the technical content and support pages from its website, noting that it has already begun intensive activity around localizing content to emoji, and pointing out that removing all content until the effort is complete will result in a “less confusing user experience.”

As a result of this decision, the company anticipates a sharp drop in support requests, and simultaneously announced a plan to downsize and outsource the customer support department. All support requests will be handled by Mr. Meano Speakenglish, who is based in the Amazon Jungle, using the latest social media channel,fire and smoke signals (smoke signals).

Reactions were mixed. Most customers responded withpleasurehumor and satisfaction.  Some were annoyed and texted horror or anger to the company’s social media channels. Early this morning, following the receipt of a threat,  the entire company was shut down temporarily until the QA team could inspectthe message. Illiteracy’s technical writers were not available for comment. However, following the recovery of a stolen corporate smartphone, the following exchange was leaked.

emoji message1

emoji message2


















Customers who contact the company for support are now told to do the following:

  1. call demand help
  2. pay
  3. wait patiently


All attempts to contact the company following the announcement were redirected to Mr. Meano Speakenglish who due to technical difficulties with an unexpected downpourwas unable to respond before publication.

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