Happy Halloween! TechWhirl’s Halloween Playhouse Podcast

Inside TechWhirl Halloween Playhouse

Join Connie, Craig and Al  for our First Annual TechWhirl Halloween Playhouse.

We converted a few of our Halloween articles and regular articles into online plays.  You may as well give the show a try since it doesn’t cost anything. No really, this one is completely free, because there’s no way we could charge for it.  Our show contains bad Halloween jokes, variable audio levels, and some pretty good music.

Reference materials

A Tech Writer’s Halloween Tale,Dana Ford

Deadline from Hell, Craig Cardimon

10 Ways to a Terrible Work Place, Cheryl Voloshin

Jokes: the last and second-to-last pages on the Internet

Download: TechWhirl Halloween Podcast

TechWhirl Recap for the Week of Halloween 2011 | Tech Writer Today Magazine by TechWhirl

12 years ago

[…] have a read of our Tech Writer Halloween Stories and start preparing yours for next year.  Our TechWhirl Halloween Playhouse was also a lot of fun and if we do say so ourselves, it turned out pretty […]

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