The Help Files: How to Ask for a Raise

money-green-bowThe end-of-year holidays are upon us. Sometimes they arrive with a dull thud or warning bells, but they do arrive. With them comes the promise, for the lucky few, of guaranteed raises. The rest of us usually have to rely on asking for raises. This edition of The Help Files is here to aid those who must ask for raises in order to have any hopes of getting a better paycheck in the new year.

The Right Way to Ask for a Raise and Get What You Deserve

You work hard. God knows we all do. But asking your harried boss for a raise probably ranks right up TO HERE in terms of difficulty, alongside with having to ask the IRS a question or needing to visit the DMV for any reason whatsoever. Being a sensible human being, you’d really rather not. There are times, however, when you really SHOULD, especially when you feel you deserve a little something extra. In a post for Lifehacker, Molly Triffin explains how to ask for a raise and get it.

5 Ways To Get A Raise (Without Asking)

If talking to your boss is simply too much to handle right now, there are ways of getting a raise without asking for one, believe it or not. In a post for Careerealism, Scott Huntington has the particulars for you.

How To Ask For A Raise And Actually Get It

Time was, you didn’t have to ask for a raise, you got one every year. Then recessionary times came along and stayed for quite a while. Seems like no one got raises. Thankfully, times have gotten better. These days you can ask for a raise and actually get one. In a post for Business Insider, Emmie Martin tells you how to ask for that elusive raise and get what you want.

What to Do If You’re Turned Down for a Raise or Promotion

What are you supposed to do if you put together a persuasive case for a raise, presented it to your boss, but got turned down? You’re crestfallen. But do you have a tantrum? Quit? Call in sick the next day? Fear not, because Alison Green has a few ideas for you.

How NOT to Ask for a Raise or Promotion

If you do a few searches on the Web, you can find plenty of advice on how to ask for a raise. There are a lot of DOs, if you look around. But what about the DON’TS? The Undercover Recruiter has got you covered on this, and fills you in on how NOT to ask for that raise you deserve.

The Five Best Times to Ask for a Raise

You’ve done a ton of projects, gotten congratulated by your boss, and now you want a nice fat raise. But when should you ask for one? Waiting until your annual review is too late. The budget is set in stone by then. In a post for LinkedIn, Liz Ryan spells out the five best times to ask for more money. And no, you’re not going to say, “Hey boss, gimme a raise.”

11 Signs You’re Not Getting a Raise

You’ve busted your caboose this year and you’re expecting a raise, but don’t start spending that extra money just yet. You might not get that raise after all. In a post for, Heather Dugan explains that simply doing your job isn’t enough these days.

Small Acts That Help Get You a Raise

You want that pay increase. You know you deserve it. But what can you do to help make sure you get a raise? In a post for, Larry Kim details six small things you can do to land that extra money. Don’t worry, these items won’t kill you!

Ask The Experts: How Do I Ask For A Raise?

How should you ask for a raise? That’s probably harder than asking your parents for more allowance money. Your parents probably would not have kicked you out of the house for asking, but you could conceivably get fired for asking for more money. In a post for Fast Company, Lolly Daskal has a convenient list of Do’s and Don’ts on asking for a raise.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Asking for a Raise

Let’s face it: Asking for a raise is just plain scary, unless you’re the boss’s son or daughter (in that case, it’s a slam dunk). For the rest of us, Graham Rapier lays out a complete negotiation primer on how to ask for a raise in a post for

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