Coronavirus Special Edition: Who is Still Hiring During the Pandemic?

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In America, states are finally re-opening their economies, including my own fairly backward state of Pennsylvania. Chilly spring air has receded, being replaced by warm and humid summer air. And rain. Lots of rain, especially here on the East Coast. As people begin to emerge from isolation, they want to get back to work. 

The problem is, many of them lost jobs during the worst of the pandemic. Now they want to get back to work, but they want to work from home. Some old jobs may not come back at all. I’m looking at you, retail and tourism. Other jobs are no longer as appealing because they have policies or cultures that require you to be physically present in the office.

Okay, so you want to get back to work, but you really want to work from home. I know I do. This is especially true if your main tool is a laptop and you work with centralized data. Is this possible? Sure. Let me show you how.

A Massive List of Work-at-Home Jobs For Reliable Income

I highly recommend that you bookmark The Work At Home Woman, get on their mailing list, and visit regularly, especially if you are interested in a side gig (we could all use some extra money) or working from home. Don’t let the web address fool you. This site offers good information for everyone. The gigs include remote jobs as teachers, graphic designers, customer support reps, and more. Take the time to scroll through the rather long list and see what piques your interest.

Companies With the Most Remote Work Available Right Now

I also recommend Cheapism. Their aim is to find the best for less. There’s no arguing with that. I have not been following this blog as long as I have others, but it grew on me quickly. They cover everything from kitchen to garden to automobiles. And yes, even jobs and retirement. The list I am pointing you to covers employers such as Humana, Robert Half International, and Salesforce, to name just a few. And if you’re looking for an entry-level work-from-home job, Cheapism has you covered. But wait! There’s more! If you want tips on how to land a work-from-home job or want to see if a work-from-home job is for you, Cheapism has you covered again.

This Week: Top 100 Employers with 770,000+ Jobs Open NOW is another blog I highly recommend. Bookmark it, visit regularly, subscribe to the newsletter, and follow it on Twitter. While not all jobs are work-from-home, this list is updated weekly.

Here’s who’s hiring right now

Andrew Seaman is someone I also highly recommend following on LinkedIn. I mentioned him in my column last month, but he is worth mentioning again. Also, subscribe to his #GetHired newsletter. Again, these may not be work-from-home jobs, but there are many open positions.

37 Companies Actively Hiring Amid COVID-19

Glassdoor is another company I recommend you join and follow, even if you’re not looking for a job. Glassdoor offers a Salary Calculator, which could be useful if you think you’re worth more money than you are making and you want to negotiate with your manager.

Why Waiting To Start Job Hunting Will Prove To Be The Wrong Strategy

I also mentioned this article in last month’s column, but it’s worth mentioning again. If you want to work, don’t be reluctant to dive into the job market. If you’re afraid, I understand. If you’re making more on unemployment than you do from your regular job, I REALLY understand. Nonetheless, this piece explains why you should NOT wait.


Yes, the coronavirus pandemic knocked us down, but we are, slowly and steadily, getting back up on our own feet again.

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