The Help Files: Gmail, Facebook, and Pinterest, Oh My!

wreathWe can all use a few tips and tricks for making work life more productive, no matter whether the office is in a cubicle farm, in a car, or even on the couch. Even during the holidays. For me, that means taking a break for a minute to lean back, breathe, and check Gmail, thumb through our Facebook timelines, and check out the latest happenings on Pinterest. I cover email and social tools, and some free utilities to help do all sorts of cool things. If you’ve found something that lights up your life like a front yard holiday spectacular, shoot me an email at, or send a Tweet to @craigcardimon.

Gmail for Better or Worse…

gmail_logoTime to Bail from Gmail?

Thinking about leaving Gmail? Got privacy concerns? I’m always looking for alternatives to applications I lean on. As for privacy concerns, I’m as concerned as anyone else. Ken Hess says he’s sticking with Gmail and tells us why. Do you agree with him? As for myself, I’m sticking with Gmail, for now, but I can tell you I still think that having conversations instead of folders is just plain idiocy.

Get Rid of Your Gmail Spam

You probably get tons of spam in your gmail. I know I do. Fortunately, Omar Sohail comes to the rescue with an easy-to-read, step-by-step procedure, complete with screenshots, for you to build your own junk mail filter. The only reason I haven’t acted on Omar’s advice is that I like skimming through my spam. I find the misspellings and ludicrous offers rather entertaining.

Facebook: Job Hunting and Safety Tips

FacebookUsing Facebook to Find Work

Lost your job, looking for a better job? You’re not alone. No one’s job is secure anymore. It seems everyone is on the job market now. It seems like everyone is on Facebook, too. A happy coincidence, because you can use Facebook to land your next gig. Joshua Waldman shows you what to do, and more importantly what NOT to do, in a nicely laid out list.

How To Protect Yourself On Facebook

Because nearly everyone is on Facebook, that means nearly everyone is vulnerable. Even you merely lurk and don’t post, you’re at risk. Jackson Chung offers a list of DO’s and DON’Ts for safe Facebook use, contained in an easy-to-read infographic.

google+1-150x150Google+ Circles of Confusion?

Google+ Overhauls Photo, Video Features in Major Update

I’ll be the first one to admit I don’t use Google+ a whole lot. For one thing, I find it confusing. Then right after I get used to the user interface, Google “updates” it, then I’m confused all over again. Vicious circle. But Kurt Wagner is here to help explain the latest 18 (!) updates.

Don’t Quit the Day Job … Yet

Badge_jobs7 Tips for Job Hunting While Still Employed

I have a job doing something I like. Others may have jobs but not like them very much. Maybe you are one of those looking for a better job? If so, you need to perform a stealth job search. If your boss gets wind of what you’re up to, you may be let go before you’re ready to resign.  Aaron Guerrero comes to the rescue with some solid tips for job hunting while employed.

How to Get Your Side Business Started While Working a Day Job

Maybe you have a day job, but you also have the entrepreneurial itch. You have an idea you want to grow into a business. If so, you’ve come to the right place. Miriam Salpeter shares a few tips for anyone looking to start a side business while currently employed.

Pinterest-IconHooked on Pinning

Infinite scroll not enough? New Pinterest feature will get you even more hooked

How many of you are on Pinterest? If you’re on, how much do you use it? I’m on Pinterest, I use it, and I love it. Yeah, I’m hooked. I use it to share pictures of my favorite actors and TV shows, for example, among other things. People who share your interests will follow you, and you can follow them. Jam Kotenko explains how Pinterest has upped the ante by adding a “related Pins” feature. Okay, Pinners (you know who you are), let’s go!

spellerSpell Check Please

Carry a Weightless and Priceless Dictionary with You

We all need to write. It doesn’t matter what your job title is. We compose emails and other business correspondence every day. We also post to Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter. If you’re going to write a message to a customer, or gripe about something on Facebook, you want to spell correctly. Use the Merriam-Webster Dictionary app, which is available for both Android and iPhone.

Downloading Software

software-cloudtalkBest Free Microsoft Downloads

When people look for free software, they often seek out free alternatives to expensive Microsoft Office products. What many people don’t know, however, is that Microsoft also offers plenty of free software that is worth investigating. Check out the vetted list of malware-free goodies at

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