The Help Files: How to Land a Promotion

ladder-circular cageWe are all familiar with pressure-cookers, including the ones we work in. The modern business office is a boiling caldron of personalities. One way to gain some perspective on this chaos is to climb the corporate ladder via promotion. This ladder is slipperier than it looks, however. Mind you grasp it gently yet firmly, because it has splinters. This edition of The Help Files is loaded with info to help you snag that most elusive of corporate animals, a promotion.

Your Guide to Asking for a Promotion

Jayson Demers of lays out step by step what you should do before asking your boss for a promotion. This includes when to ask and how to do it. Now get moving! Remember, I’m right behind you on the corporate ladder!

11 Nonverbal Cues that Will Get You a Raise or Promotion

In this double-shot from Jayson Demers of, he explains that most people love asking for more money, but hate the possibility of rejection. The fear of rejection overwhelms the love of money. But Jayson has a workaround for you, in the form of nonverbal, body language cues that will do the heavy lifting for you.

Ready for a Promotion? Pass These Two Tests

You’ve worked hard for your boss, met your deadlines, maybe even landed a client or two. You think you deserve a promotion! Not so fast. In a post for LinkedIn, Jack Welsh has a couple of pass/fail tests for you first.

What 6-Year-Olds Can Teach Us about Getting Promoted

In a must-read post for LinkedIn, Kathleen Murphy shows us what young kids can teach us about fearlessness and moving upward in life. Then she speculates as to why we lose our mojo once we reach our teen years.

FINALLY Win That Big Promotion with These Strategies

Got your eye on a plumb spot? Maybe that sweet corner office with not one but two windows?

Brendan Reid of has three methods you can use to differentiate yourself from the rest of the herd and win big.

7 Ways To Earn Your Promotion

Most of us want a promotion, but with companies eliminating layers of management and getting flatter, it’s not that easy these days. Just doing your job isn’t enough anymore. You need to overachieve. Hannah Morgan guide you through the steps you must take to earn your promotion.

Why the ‘Other Guy’ Got the Promotion

The sad fact of life is smart, hard-working people don’t always get ahead. Sometimes you end up running in place all the time. Farnoosh Brock of has a few facts of corporate life he’d like to pass on to you. And yes, he explains why your boss promoted John ahead of you, right after she said *you* were doing a great job.

Why Did Someone Else Get YOUR Promotion?

You are doing such a fantastic job, getting the tough assignments done on time, that you glow with confidence. So why did your cubicle neighbor, who is doing a less brilliant job in your opinion, win the promotion YOU wanted? In a post for LinkedIn, Alex Malley shows you why you lost the promotion game.

What to do if you’re turned down for a raise or promotion

You’ve put in the hours and completed tough assignments in a timely fashion. Summoning your bravado, you politely asked for a promotion, summarizing your accomplishments, but got turned down. What to do now? Sit down and shut up? Polish the resume and hit the bricks? Quit in a fit of pique? Not exactly. Allison Green has four steps you can take, none of which involve placing a voodoo curse on your boss.

Didn’t Get That Much-Anticipated Promotion? Here’s What You Should Do Next

You thought you had that promotion nailed. You’ve done the projects and put in the hours. But in the next meeting with your boss, she mentions nothing about it. What could have gone wrong? Plenty, as it happens. Before you burn any bridges, pay attention to what Padmaja Ganeshan-Singh has to say about this.

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