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Spring has arrived here on the East Coast of the United States. Temperatures are finally rising, and so is the number of “quits,” which refers to how many people are quitting their jobs without having another lined up. You really don’t need to quit unless you’re really confident–or desperate! Even so, it’s easier to find work if you use social media.

You’ve no doubt heard of people using LinkedIn to look for jobs, and may be using it right this minute to land a new role. I’ve read that many people are ditching their Word resumes and just using LinkedIn. Even Facebook is being touted as a solid platform for job hunting because your friends know you best; they’ll know of a suitable job for you at their company long before that job is advertised. But what about Pinterest? That’s just a Facebook for pictures, right? Wrong! Read on to find out how Pinterest can help you in your job search.

Using Pinterest To Find A Job – Forbes

Most people use Pinterest as an online scrapbook. They might look, for instance, at furniture they want to get sometime. They find a couch they like and pin that picture to their page for easy retrieval later. Pinterest can be used for more than that, however. Some enterprising individuals are posting their resumes and portfolios there. To find out how, read Susan Adams’s post on Forbes.

How to Use Pinterest to Get a Job – The Muse

Obsessed with pinning? You’re far from alone. I have spent far too much time on a lazy Sunday afternoon pinning pictures of my favorite TV shows. When you’re done pinning your own passions, remember that Pinterest can be used to get a job. How? By building your brand and doing research. How do you use Pinterest for research? Glad you asked. Kelli Smith’s article on The Muse spells it out for you.

5 Ways to Use Pinterest for Your Job Search – Mashable

Pinterest can be used for more than finding the latest spring fashions. Pinning your resume, for example. There are four more ways to use Pinterest in your job search. Read Brie Weiler Reynolds’s post on Mashable for the rest of her suggestions.

8 Ways Pinterest Can Help Your Job Search –

We have all spent time on Pinterest that we could have used for cleaning the house or maybe even paying bills. While you’re on Pinterest collecting images for your hobby, consider the ways that Pinterest can help you in job hunting. One, you can follow career sites like and FlexJobs. For more ways, read Dawn Dugan’s article on

How to Use Pinterest for Your Job Search – Executive Drafts

If you’re on the job market, there’s more that you can do besides dusting off and updating your old Word resume from 1999. Pinterest offers you the options of creating a visual representation of your resume and following career experts, for starters. Read this Career Corner post for more.

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