The Help Files: Resume Tips, Personality Types, Pinning, and Gmailing

help files: resume tips, personality typesHere’s my latest collection of hints for making your work life more productive, no matter whether your office is in a cubicle farm, in your car, or even on your couch.

Resume Tips

Quick & Dirty resume tips

If you’re looking for a job, or just dusting off that old resume you haven’t updated in years, The Daily Muse offers some quick things you can do to polish your resume up a bit and give it some extra sparkle.

How many versions of your resume do you need?

Speaking of resumes, maintaining one version is hard enough, but the fine folks at Careerealism say you need more than one, and explain why.

Are you an introvert or extrovert?

What being an introvert or extrovert means for your career

I’m an introvert, but many others I know are extroverts. I wonder how being extroverted or introverted affects one’s job? Well, Beth Belle Cooper discusses just how wrong our perceptions can be and what this means for our working lives.

Who’s more productive, introverts or extroverts?

According to Drake Baker, we are all a little introverted and a little extroverted, and we are productive in different ways. How each personality type expends their energy, and recharges, may surprise you.

Discovering Your Natural Writing Process: Extraversion vs. Introversion in Technical Writing

TechWhirl’s Andrea J Wenger posted an article on introverted and extroverted writers that I found worthwhile to read.

Five leadership tips for introverts

When I look around, the leaders I see tend to be far more gregarious and, well, louder than I am. But we bookish types can also be leaders if we want to be. Stephanie Meyers shares five hints for quiet intellectuals who have a hankering to lead.

Pinterest Gives Pinning a Whole New Meaning

Pinterest cheat sheet

Are you on Pinterest yet? Do you know what it is? If not, you’re not alone. Think of Pinterest as a picture-sharing website. It quickly became one of the most successful social media sites, going from 5,000 users during its 2010 beta, to nearly 12 million in 2012. Even so, plenty of people aren’t sure if they want to try it, but it’s easy. For instance, if you like dogs, you might create a board called “Dogs.” Then you search for dogs whose pictures you like. When you find one, you “pin” the picture onto your “Dogs” board. Easy-peasy. Justin Fishaw has a cheat sheet to help you get started.

Use Pinterest to boost your career

Speaking of Pinterest, did you know you can use it to help further your career, or even get tips for job hunting? Susan Hall offers excellent pointers to help.

Pinterest: What My Mother Can Teach You About Content Strategy and Technical Communications

TechWhirl’s very own Jacquie Samuels wrote an excellent article about using Pinterest as a technical communications tool.

Got Gmail?

The essential apps to supercharge your Gmail

Since we all seem to be using Gmail these days, we might as well squeeze as much out of it as possible. Mihir Patkar clues us in on a few essential apps that should crank up your Gmail to warp speed.

How to share large files from Google docs through Gmail

If you work in Google Docs (Now Google Drive), you may need to send files to a colleague sometime. These is easy if you and your friend both have Gmail accounts. Lava Net has posted a video to show you how.

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