Intelligent Content Conference 2014

Break Down Barriers to Connect Content to Those Who Need It

Intelligent Content Conference 2014In the landscape of 21st century communication, content professionals face challenges to deliver meaningful content at the right time to the right audience members in their preferred formats. Accomplishing these tasks is no small feat, and attending the Intelligent Content Conference (ICC) provides an opportunity to learn secrets from over 70 professionals as they share examples, standards, methods, strategies, and tools.

Six years ago, the Intelligent Content Conference Event Producers, The Content Wrangler and The Rockley Group, joined forces to create an annual conference to gather the best and brightest minds in the content professions. This year’s conference will be held in San Jose, CA February 26–28, 2014, and the focus is on breaking down barriers. The presenters will cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Content Strategy

  • Content Engineering

  • Content Marketing

  • Digital Publishing

  • eBooks, Apps, and Mobile

  • Structured Authoring

  • Adaptive Content

  • Language and Culture

  • Personalized Content

  • Dynamic Publishing

  • Content Reuse

  • Translation Automation

  • Information Visualization

  • Big Data and Analytics

Many of these topics might seem to be only distantly related at best. But as conference organizer Scott Abel (The Content Wrangler) contends, creating, delivering, and managing content that works for the organization and its customers requires a more holistic and strategic approach, and breaking down barriers is one critical step in that direction.

All organizations have content, and many content professionals get overwhelmed by trying to keep up with the latest publishing options and obsolete devices. Content professionals are scattered among various departments, and tools and methodology can vary from team to team. Adding to the challenge is the fact that audience members no longer have the patience to sift through lengthy pages of text to find their answers; they quickly turn to Google or YouTube instead. Locking content into proprietary, soon-to-be-outdated formats also misses out on emerging trends, such as users sharing content with others through their own social channels. ICC conference sessions and workshops are designed to help content professionals unravel these knotty problems and offer guidance on strategic and tactical issues around building intelligent content.

In an article on the Intelligent Content Conference website (, Ann Rockley defines intelligent content as “…structurally rich and semantically categorized and therefore automatically discoverable, reusable, reconfigurable, and adaptable.” The structure provides guidance and a repeatable development process for writers, along with a consistent experience for audience members. The semantically rich metadata connects specific content and design elements in a way that is searchable. The adaptable nature of intelligent content makes it easy for content professionals to publish to multiple channels without having to start from scratch with the content or design elements every time a document or website needs to be updated.

The Intelligent Content Conference takes place at the Hilton Doubletree Hotel in San Jose. The organizers secured a special discounted rate of $179 per night, but suggest booking accommodations as soon as possible since the block will fill up quickly, and the discount rate is only available until February 13.

Participants can select from three registration options for the Intelligent Content Conference. The ALL ACCESS pass includes admission to one of the pre-conference workshops held on Wednesday, February 26 along with unlimited access to all conference presentations, networking events, and the Technology Showcase. The CONFERENCE ONLY pass provides access to all conference presentations, networking events, and the Technology Showcase. The WORKSHOP ONLY pass provides access to one pre-conference workshop on Wednesday, February 26.

To register for the Intelligent Content Conference or for more information, visit the Intelligent Content Conference website at

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