JustSystems Offers XMetaL Author Enterprise 7.0 with DITA 1.2 Support

JustSystems, a leader in XML and information management technologies, released XMetaL Author Enterprise 7.0, the company’s XML-based software for structured authoring and content collaboration. Version 7.0 features extensive support for the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) 1.2 standard and other universal industry standards.  The Windows 64-bit compatible software offers concurrent (floating) licensing options for flexibility in simultaneous authoring.

The company called out a number of enhancements to the XMetaL Author user interface with menus, toolbars, dialog boxes, styling, and editing behaviors that “hide DITA complexity and ensure rapid adoption of this important standard.”  XMetaL  products include a robust and easy-to implement multi-channel publishing solution for DITA.

  • DITA 1.2  support:  keyrefs enable content to be defined in a DITA map rather than specific topics.
  • Conref range support: enables content reuse among topics. A conref range lets authors reference a series of elements (steps, bullets, paragraphs, etc.) instead of individual element references.
  • Multiple output formats:  using the DITA Open Toolkit, generate output to multiple formats, including HTML, PDF, ePUB, and Kindle.
  • Automated key space management  for DITA maps.
  • Cross-File Spell Check: perform spell checking in all open documents, all topics in a DITA map, or all files in a directory.
  • Enhanced Content Search:  authors can search for content in all open documents, all topics in a DITA map, or all files in a directory, and can search by  regular expressions, sophisticated markup searching, or arbitrary XPath expressions.
  • Extensible cross-file capability allows customizers to create custom scripts to be performed as cross-file operations.
  • In-place, look-ahead element list Authoring Assistant enables authors to insert valid elements beyond the current cursor location and look up to three levels ahead in ‘Normal’ view.
  • Extensible XMetaL Assistants allows customizers to create special-purpose hover tips and popup dialogs to enhance the authoring experience.
  • Attribute Inspector Sort:  order the AI panel alphabetically or by the declaration-order as provided by the DTD.
  • Concurrent (or floating) licensing feature permits simultaneous use of XMetaL by one or more users, up to a maximum number of users agreed to at the time of purchase of the software.
  • Windows 64-bit compatible

“XMetaL Author Enterprise 7.0 integrates DITA 1.2’s expanded reuse potential for our customers with an easy-to-use interface” says Tim Groeneveld, JustSystems’ Vice President of Sales.”Our customers will find increased customer satisfaction, increased productivity, and improved quality and accuracy of information documents across the organization.”

XMetaL Author Enterprise 7.0 enables technical writing and other content creation teams to create  and repurpose information into multiple languages and formats to support globalization efforts, and can be integrated with virtually any content management and publishing systems for creation and review capabilities that require no XML knowledge..

With over 2,500 customers worldwide, JustSystems provides office productivity and information management solutions to consumers and enterprises utilizing its XMetaL product line.  Visit the JustSystems website, read more on XMetal Author, or review the full press release.

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