MadCap Updates Flare, Contributor, Analyzer and Capture in MadPak 2012

MadCap SoftwareMadCap Software,  announced that the newest release of MadPak , its comprehensive authoring suite, featuring integrated, XML-based products for complete end-to-end technical communication, is available on March 1, 2012.  The latest release of the suite offers four new product versions:

  • MadCap Flare 8.0 for single-source, multi-channel publishing
  • MadCap Contributor 4.0 for editing, reviewing and contributing to Flare content
  • MadCap Analyzer 5.0 for analyzing Flare-based content
  • MadCap Capture 6.0 for image capture and graphics editing

Additional MadPak products include MadCap Mimic 6.0 for publishing software simulation movies, video and audio, and MadCap Lingo 5.0 for facilitating and streamlining the translation process.

The newest releases of MadCap Flare, Contributor, Analyzer and Capture all provide a new Microsoft-style ribbon user interface (UI) to reduce the learning curve. Flare 8.0 continues to expand its innovation in single-source publishing to print and online channels with the addition of HTML5 Web output, EPUB eBook output, and enhanced PDF print functionality. Contributor 4.0 now offers free review and annotation. Analyzer 4.0 offers new features for viewing and analyzing content created in Flare. Capture 6.0 enhances image capture and manipulation.

The MadPak  technical communication suite integrates all products to manage the technical communications workflows between documentation professionals, translators, and other content authors. Content authoring and publishing  in Flare, reviewing in Contributor, capturing screens via Capture, producing simulations using Mimic, analyzing and correcting content issues via Analyzer, and supporting translation efforts Lingo.

“The newest release of our MadPak technical communication suite significantly advances our commitment to creating a superior experience for the users of our software,“ Anthony Olivier, MadCap founder and CEO. “We’ve taken a design cue from the popular Microsoft Office application suite to create a modern, intuitive UI that makes it faster and easier than ever for users to take advantage of the deep bench of functionality our MadPak suite offers. Additionally, our decision to make the review functionality in Contributor free and to enhance the TOC functionality in both Contributor and MadCap significantly streamlines the review process.”

MadCap Contributor 4.0 Improves Technical Communications Collaboration and Review

MadCap Contributor 4.0 new features allow SMEs and managers to provide authors with edits and contributed content—without having to learn the advanced features of Flare. Additionally, technical writers can pre-define templates to automatically place contributed content into the correct format.  Flare users can take advantage of the review and annotation features for at no cost, by downloading the trial version. When the trial expires, access to the review and annotation functionality remains. However, MadCap notes that content contribution features require purchase of a standard Contributor license.

Other key features in Contributor 4.0 include the ability to send and review packages via TOC View, functionality to insert multimedia elements into review topics, change tracking on all Contributor file types, and viewing author’s changes and annotations.

MadCap Analyzer 5.0 Provides Quality Assurance to Technical Communications Projects

MadCap Analyzer identifies issues within Flare projects (broken links, missing images, etc.) and recommends corrections and improvements, such as adding snippets and index keywords and consolidating styles. In addition, window pane functionality improves usability with Cross-Reference Suggestions to generate and convert project links into cross-references. Other features include two viewing options, drag and drop to TOC, CSV export, enhanced printing options, window pane to manage named destinations, and panes to scan and fix broken links and unused files.

MadCap Capture 6.0 Improves Image Capturing, Editing and Manipulation

MadCap Capture 6.0 adds three new features for capturing, editing and manipulating images. The Consecutive Capture function lets users capture multiple images without having to reselect the capture option, while allowing region relocating and resizing. The enhanced Capture Editor context menu lets users select from editing functions (modes and actions) by can right-clicking in the Capture Editor and access the context menu. Image Grids support positioning of images and objects on a Frame using drag and drop.

MadCap Adds New Licensing Models

MadCap Flare 8.0, MadCap Contributor 4.0, MadCap Analyzer 5.0, and Capture 6.0 are separately and as part of MadPak. Maintenance (support and subscription) fees start at $199 per year for the Bronze Level, $299 for the Gold Level, and $499 for the Platinum Level. Discounts for multiyear maintenance contracts are also available.

With the latest releases of Flare and the MadPak, MadCap also introduced three new licensing models to support enterprises with multiple users.

  • The Multi-User license allows companies to buy a single license key for as many dedicated users as they need. A single license key manages all users and activations without the need for registering individual users.
  • The Floating license applies to organizations that standardize on Flare and Contributor, and it is based on concurrent users rather than dedicated users.  MadCap’s software can be installed on a central server to allow remote access. Floating licenses include access to all product upgrades and updates as they become available.
  • A new subscription license for MadCap Contributor starts at $8 per month per user, and includes access to technical support and free product upgrades during the subscription period.

Visit the Madcap Software website for more information on MadPak.

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