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Meet Us in Memphis @WritersUA ContestWe were sitting around another campfire, singing the blues and  talking about where to take our next road trip when it hit us – let’s head to the home of the blues and hang out with the folks who make using software a lot less blue.

“Memphis? I can dig it.”

“User Assistance? we all need more of that.”

“March 11-14? Let’s do it!”

We then reached out to Joe Welinkske, that maestro of user assistance and director of  WritersUA: the Conference for Software User Assistance, and chatted up  our new road trip idea and he’s on board.  Soon, it’ll be time to hit the road again.  We’re a small crew and need a couple of extra reporters journalists bloggers to cover everything that’s happening the event… so here’s your chance.

We’re looking for two (2) guest bloggers to help us report all the technical communications learning, user assistance, and UX happenings from the home of the blues.  In fact we want you to meet us in Memphis @ WritersUA.

What do you get in return?  Fame, fortune and being read by hundreds, thousands, lots of readers isn’t enough? Fine! The gang @ WritersUA will provide free registration to the two winners.  We’ll work and play in Memphis.  Responsibilities include:

@ the Event

We’ll cover the general interest session,  summarize what’s happening in the learning sessions, interview some participants, and who knows what else. (We’ll figure this out in a few planning sessions.)

& After the Event

One feature article elaborating on an area of real interest to you.  Word limit?  Just enough to convey the points and not a word more.

Entry & Lobbying

Between now and 11.59pm, Friday February 3, 2012:

Do this first:  Follow Writers UA on Twitter @WritersUA, then tweet why you want to be chosen to be a writer and reference @WritersUA and @TechWriterToday.

Then, for bonus points:

Criteria, Judging and Announcing the Winners

Employees and the relatives of sponsors of either TechWhirl or Writers UA are not eligible. You can find all the Terms and Conditions here.  Contest entries will be reviewed by TechWhirl and the winners will be notified on February 6, so you can get a reasonably priced ticket and some hotels.

We’re looking for the popularity of your post (RT), originality, creativity, and a show passion for user assistance and telling really, good interesting stories.  Do you have more questions concerning the contest, try our events FAQ page.

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Ashley Brown

Ashley Brown

12 years ago

I’m a Professional Writing student at the University of Memphis, and I’d love to blog the con from a student’s perspective. I’ve followed you on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

I tweeted here:!/ashleyfullstop/status/167309639715799041

I blogged here:

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