Microsoft Manual of Style on Tape

In a move designed to increase the convenience factor for technical writers on the move, publishers of the Microsoft Manual of Style have released the 4th edition in the popular Books-on-Tape format. “Mastering the Microsoft Manual of Style is no simple challenge,” says a spokesperson. “Providing MMoS on tape allows career-committed technical communicators to spend mobile time memorizing style guidelines so they can dedicate more working hours to applying them.”

Interested technical communicators can click below listen to an excerpt of the new audio edition.  Click here to find out more about ordering MMoS BoT.

Download for your collection: Microsoft Manual of Style on Tape

William Gates

11 years ago

I applaud the decision of Microsoft to FINALLY release this valuable resource in a mobile format. For many years I’ve thought that what we needed was content in a consumer friendly voice that would be perfectly suited for play on the Zune!

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