Scriptorium Publishing Announces New DITA Open Toolkit Development Offering

Scriptorium PublishingResearch Triangle Park, North Carolina–Scriptorium Publishing announced the immediate availability of a new DITA Open Toolkit development environment, designed to address requests for a supportive publishing environment.

“Many of our clients have complained about the challenges of the DITA Open Toolkit,” said Sarah O’Keefe, President. “I think they will be delighted with our new DependScript offering.”

The DITA Open Toolkit requires users to learn numerous new technologies, such as Ant, XSLT, XSL-FO, CSS, Coptic, HTML, hieratics, demotics, and knitting (alleviates tedium of waiting for builds to run). For advanced PDF formatting, a working knowledge of Klingon is needed. DependScript eliminates all of these requirements, provides users with a reliable, supportive environment, and prevents messy coding accidents.

Scriptorium Publishing's DITA open toolkit environment, DependScript, has a feature-rich, easy-to-use interface

Scriptorium Publishing’s DITA open toolkit environment, DependScript, has a feature-rich, easy-to-use interface

“The concept is simple,” said Alan Pringle, Director of Operations. “We replace the trials, tribulations, trauma, titillation, tears, and terror of learning the Open Toolkit with a simple platform. Customers type their requirements in plain text, and our system returns finished code to them within just a few weeks or months.”

“We are very proud of the UX work we did on DependScript,” said O’Keefe. “Our beta testers tell us that they love the flexibility, easy of use, and richness of the feature set. The progressive disclosure feature, which lets us refine requirements with time-tested interview techniques in a revolutionary asynchronous approach, is particularly impressive.”

In 2012, Scriptorium worked with a major aerospace organization, which had been unable to produce working PDF output from the Open Toolkit. They supplied Scriptorium with their PDF specification which read, in full:

 Make it pretty.

After only six months, DependScript produced a working PDF plugin. Dewey Lyman, a representative of the aerospace company, said, “It was like magic. We sent over our requirements using DependScript, and Scriptorium produced, well, the first version wasn’t exactly what we were looking for. It was pretty, but we just weren’t that into it. We are SO pleased with version 13! It was worth every penny we paid. And those were a lot of pennies.”

DependScript is available now and costs only $10,000 per month for the professional edition. Contact Scriptorium for enterprise pricing information. The knitting module is an add-on and is priced by the yard.

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