Tech Comm on a Map is Crowdsourced and Interactive

Editor’s Note:  Thanks to Sarah Maddox, tech comm luminary and author of, and a small global team of contributors for launching the Tech Comm on a Map inititiave.


Tech Comm on a Map displays technical communication conferences, groups, societies and businesses on an interactive Google map. The data is crowd-sourced in a spreadsheet, maintained by a small group of technical writers around the world. Updates to the spreadsheet are piped immediately to the map. If you’d like to request that some data be added to the map, follow the “about” link at top left of the map, or go directly to the same destination via this link. There you can add a comment giving the relevant information about a conference, group, society, business, or other technical communication tidbit. Help put tech comm on the map!”

Category: Technical Communications - Tag (s): events

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