Tech Writer Halloween Horror Stories Wanted!

Tech Writer Halloween Horrors 2012

TechWhirl wants your scariest story for Tech Writer Halloween Horror Stories — 2012

We love Halloween here at TechWhirl. Bring on the ghouls, goblins and management consultants.  Their knives, torches and three-hour working “meetings” mean nothing to us.

Whether it’s a Google algorithm change or a deadline from hell, we have our big kid Great Pumpkin Underoos, our trusty Webster’s Dictionary and our phasers set to stun so bring it on! Don’t cross us or we’ll change the cover of that TPS report.

Last year’s Tech Writer Halloween Horror Stories was so much fun that we have decided to bring it back.  2011 brought us computer graveyards, and a Halloween tales scarier than hearing that the project is behind schedule and the change management folks are no longer with us.  Heck, we even got a darn good podcast out of it.

So, what do you say?  Do you a little Stephen King in you?  What about a little Scott Adams?  We’re looking for some good horror stories, and we’re not afraid to not-peer review them before publishing.

Now that we’ve gotten your attention, we need all of those stories by the end of the day Friday, October 19, 2012 so we can get them entered into our system.  Please send us your original copy and a picture of yourself (or a chalk outline of that rude SME will do nicely thank-you-very-much) so that we can put your pretty, oh so pretty, mug on our site.

Questions?  Really?  Leave ‘em in the comments.

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