Tech Writer This Week for April 11, 2015

back of busWe found ourselves pondering how to get from here to there this week. Sometimes you can take the Porsche, sometimes you end up relying on public transportation. And for those of us responsible for planning and producing content, we may uncover valid reasons to choose the bus…reasons that shouldn’t make us martyrs to the profession.

You can occasionally overhear some interesting stuff while riding the bus, train or subway. That can be useful for making connections to solve problems that plague that current project. On the other hand you can get there a lot faster in a Porsche. You don’t have to drive or buy gas when you take the bus, but nobody shoots you looks of envy when you step off either. Public transit offers time to study, work, or just communicate. Granted, plenty of people who drive places don’t allow the steering wheel or speedometer get in the way of a good read or a good text.

Getting from here to there makes up a good portion of the analysis and design phases of a project. From the perspective of a content professional, being aware of the controls is only part of the challenge. You need to pay attention to the environment, the passengers, and the route to the destination… still there’s something to be said for  taking the time to ponder it all… without swerving into another lane, or taking out a traffic sign.

Many of the folks we follow (and new ones we discover every week) must be natural-born multi-taskers. The posts we found this week show a complex balance between paying attention to the details, and continuing to drive toward a destination. Just a couple of examples for proof:

Don’t worry about a fare or a toll on your way to the latest edition of Tech Writer This Week.

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