Tech Writer This Week for April 4, 2015

bunny suit sunset650

Rare celestial events have been rather more common over the last few weeks– everything from solar and lunar eclipses to solar flares and intense aurora. (We could imagine some conjunction of the planets or the arrival of Klaatu taking place as well, but haven’t seen a google news item on so far.)  However, one rare event missed getting any coverage… the proximity of April Fools’ Day to Easter this year. We’re not exactly sure what this means for the future of civilization, but anytime bunnies and bonnets get close to that magical day for global foolishness…. accuracy and reality both suffer. Our advice: in the words of great journalists everywhere “check your sources.”

While you’re prepping for Easter Egg hunts (either physical or computational), we’ve been hunting down the top treasures in content strategy, tech comm and customer experience. And boy, did we find a lot of amazing stuff this week. Perhaps because of the Easter / April Fools proximity? Who knows. In any event, reading these will be better than biting the ears off a chocolate bunny:

Check out the parade of well-dressed posts in the latest edition of  Tech Writer This Week.

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