Tech Writer This Week for June 13, 2013

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Tech Writer This Week for June 13, 2013

In my day job as a sole technical writer, I don’t consider myself an artist. Content creator, sure. But artist? Nah.
Alan Porter ( has an interesting take on the technical publishing process and believes that I, as a lone writer, am functioning as an artist because another writer would do things another way. An intriguing premise. I agree with Alan, but with reservations.

Elsewhere in Technical Communication, Larry Kunz ( looks at the other side of the coin and describes how “emotional technical writing” helps build a positive brand experience. Michelle Corbin ( discusses how rhetoric is related to technical editing. And Eric Sedor ( compares technical writing to, of all things, Moby-Dick (written by Herman Melville). I loved this comparison because I did Moby-Dick for my master’s thesis.

Nothing stays the same in User Experience, including Gmail, which has rolled out new features. Kevin Goldberg ( walks us through the new Gmail user experience. Baruch Sachs ( talks about practicing great UX consulting and how to deal with suggestions from people who don’t know as much about user experience as you do. Mike Evanier ( discusses being lost in a horribly designed automated phone system for a doctor’s office. Sound familiar to anyone?

Under our Content Strategy banner, Mike Thompson ( wonders if content curators are the new editors. Michael Brenner ( shares eight questions you can use to help define your content strategy. Speaking of content, it seems like we are still trying to define content curation, because Heidi Cohen ( has gathered 19 different definitions of curation for your perusal. Enjoy!

In Career and Life, Nicole Nguyen ( gives us a bunch of reasons to switch to Firefox, my favorite one being that I can decide how securely I want to browse the web. Linda Coles ( tells us how to use the new LinkedIn Contacts feature. If you don’t have it yet, all LinkedIn members soon will. Andrew Martonik ( clues us in on how to deal with contact images in the new Gmail.

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