Tech Writer This Week for June 6, 2015

It could be that some of the content professionals in the TechWhirl community thrive in an environment where they have all the right tools and resources to do the jobs they’ve been hired to do, and management that understands the value of content well delivered. That’s awesome… getting a budget that includes acquisition of the tools and services that TechWhirl partners provide is the perfect future state scenario for all of us. But, it’s more likely that you work in a world where getting the right tool, or attending the right training happens as often as curing the common cold or successfully negotiating world peace. Seems like most of work for organizations that are either too small (no budget) or too large (no focus) to live in that perfect confluence of skills, tools and strategy.

Most of the content pros we know are something of miracle worker variety, with the ability to create really good stuff that the boss approves without the latest version of an authoring tool or management system. These are the folks that get in the boat, because they want to arrive at some destination, whether or not they have the paddle, motor, or sail to help them get there. They figure out a way to head upstream or down, with whatever’s at hand. And admit it, pulling off a miracle (designing logos with PowerPoint anyone?) is a rush that probably only other tech comm and content geeks could actually understand. There’s a weird enticement that happens, believing you can create better and more profitable content miracles if you can figure out how to get the latest and greatest paddle onboard with you.

The thought leaders in content and customer experience, those intrepid guides, have ways to maneuver us safely through the latest class 5 rapids of organzational chaos and impossible demands. We kept a look out and found some worthy paddles, motors, sails, and even a fuel can or two to help us get upriver, including:

Time to paddle on over and see for yourself what’s in the newest edition of Tech Writer This Week.

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