Tech Writer This Week for March 28, 2015

pressure gauge

How many work weeks do you have that just get away from you? If you live with the whooshing sound of deadlines passing by, probably more than you would like. New clients, current clients, new projects, the projects that just won’t die… there appears to be a conspiracy to take away the last 13 minutes of personal life you have each day. Yup, we get it.

Which is not to say that having new and continuing clients and cool projects that tip towards ubergeeky is a bad thing. But looking up and realizing you forgot lunch for the 20th time this month is probably not a good thing. It’s all a matter of balancing the pressures. If you have managed to figure out how to do that consistently, drop us a note. We’ll add you the the Special Writers Unit, mass market a full series of articles, create a best-selling ebook, and we can all retire in style.

In the meantime, it pays to develop a couple of pressure-relieving habits. You know the ones: get some exercise, eat right, cut your caffeine intake, stop and smell the roses… Or you can start simply. Read the really interesting stuff on tech comm, content strategy, and customer experience that we found for you this week, then get up and take a walk around the house (substitute ‘block,’ ‘yard,’ ‘park,’ ‘county’ or ‘paper route’ as applicable). Then you can get back to work on that project that won’t die, knowing you’ve done what you can to self-actualize and still pay the mortgage.

Among the thought-provoking pieces we found this week:

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