Tech Writer This Week for May 2, 2015

bowl of cherries

Modern civilization has collected a lot of metaphors and more than a few cliche sayings about life and work. Some are more apt than others, but one of our favorites has to do with a dish of popular springtime fruit. Yummy red fruit that also can be made into delicious pies, turnovers, tarts, jubilee and jam. Puts us in mind of developing great content ideas…

Before preheating the oven, and measuring out the other ingredients, it’s best to search the contents of the bowl and discard anything that’s overripe or insect damaged. Get rid of that useless stuff, and work with the best and freshest. Figure out if the recipe can work without removing the pits. And remember, if you leave that bowl of cherries out in the sun for too long, and you’ll be picking through a pile of ickyness to get to the few remaining still-fresh pieces. Usually not even enough for a fruit salad, much less a cobbler… or a blog post.

Before mashing this analogy into complete uselessness, we need to make one more point about cherry picking the best content. Which we’ve done, to make it easier to enjoy the whole culinary experience. Here are a couple of juicy examples to get you started:

Nothing could top your sundae like the best content strategy, tech comm, and customer experience posts that we’ve picked for the latest edition of Tech Writer This Week.

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