Tech Writer This Week for May 9, 2013

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Tech Writer This Week for May 9, STC Summit '13The STC Summit 2013, held in Atlanta, Georgia this year, got off to an excellent start with an entertaining and eye-opening keynote address by New York Times technology columnist David Pogue. Larry Kunz ( shares his impressions of the summit and Danielle Villegas ( and Sarah Maddox ( also have a few things to talk about. The STC posted a ton of photos, tweets, and slideshows on The slides are great. I’ve seen a few shows already, and have dogeared more to view. Remember to take a look at our annual Pinterest board, offered for your enjoyment.

Elsewhere in Technical Communication, Scriptorium Publishing posts a slideshow on the state of the tech comm industry. Joe Merlino ( talks about the fundamentals of technical writing. And in an older but still valid post, Gary Hoffman ( offers his opinions on why no one reads manuals.

In User Experience, Paul Brooks ( wonders if your website offers a Home button, calling it a “Get out of jail free” card. Danielle Arad ( lists 19 UX thought leaders you should know about, and then follows up with a library of 75 UX resources.

Content Strategy & Curation features Sean Li ( describes his approach to developing a user-centric content strategy.  Then in curation, Ian Lurie ( shares his tips for doing content curation in just 13 minutes a day. (I need to step up my game.) On a similar note, Laura Crest ( offers her own great time-saving content curation strategies, many of which I’m already doing. And Scott Scanlon closes this section with an intriguing podcast, wondering if commentary is necessary for content curation.

Minda Zetlin ( shares five ways to mow through a tough task in Career and Life. Kim Komando ( discusses five email tricks everyone should know. And on a lighter note, Matt Petronzio ( has a PC Weenies cartoon on experiencing life away from your computer screen.

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