Tech Writer This Week for March 6, 2014

At the start, things easily change

At the start, things easily change

After a somewhat unplanned hiatus last week thanks to all the information goodness of Intelligent Content Conference 2014 (and sleep deprivation), Tech Writer This Week is back and doing a lot of deep thinking.  About what you ask?

Well since you’ve read this far, we’ll tell you: we’ve been thinking a lot about the differences between new and established ideas and how their approaches to change is radically different. To us, it’s similar to lava flowing the side of a mountain, cutting edge ideas are often quick to change or at least deviate from the original approach to make its progression easier, while long since cooled lava is impossible to move without shattering it.

While the tools for Content Strategy and Intelligent Content have been around for a while, the real understanding and power of this industry can really be equated to that warm flowing lava. It’s rushing down the hill and gaining speed but it is still flexible enough to move around  the obstacles in its way, versus, say, the traditional book publishing industry, which is far more rigid and resistant to change. It seems the moment an industry or profession gets their perfect elevator pitch, the lava starts to cool.

Anyone who has ever asked three content strategy consultants to explain the industry will quickly find out that the elevator pitch is certainly not set. Yes, there will be some similarities but nothing permanent. We’ll be writing more on the subject and lending our time and talents to the process since Intelligent Content is about more than the (tech) writers; it’s about the tools and training that help them do that voodoo that they do so well.

[searching for a transition here … got it ]

Our elevator pitch for Tech Writer This Week is set, in stone. It’s the best articles and thoughts from around technical communications, content strategy and customer experience management summarized and delivered to you. Now, without further delay … it’s time for a few of this week’s best:

This week’s edition of Tech Writer This Week is, ahem, hot off the presses and can be found right … here.

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