Tech Writer This Week for October 3, 2013

Soap! Conference 2013 aftermath

Tech Writer This Week is cleaning up in honor of Soap! Conference 2013 today. We wish we could be there for all the fun, but alas we get to follow along at home like everyone else.

It was a great week for new content on the interwebs, so great that we had a tough time deciding who was in and who was out but one pencil and sharpener fight later and everything is sorted out. Don’t worry, occasionally the hashtags we follow look like QVC and the articles aren’t that good so we go back into the “good stuff unshared” vault. Content reuse, no?

Some highlights from this edition:

These articles, shameless plugs, and writing / thinking on communications, content strategy, and networking are all in this week’s Tech Writer This Week.

If someone finds our little rubber ducky, please let us know.

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