2012 – 2013 Editorial Calendar

Here is TechWhirl Magazine’s Editorial Calendar for 2012 – 2013. If you prefer to print it out and hang it on your cubicle or office wall, feel free to download the PDF.

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June Skills to Survive and ThriveThe skills that technical communicators need to advance in their field and into leadership positions at their companies are not the ones taught in school.
July Meet Your CustomersSuccessful businesses operate by focusing on the customer.  Who are the customers of tech comm services, how varied are they, and how can we manage a customer-oriented strategy and tactics for tech comm?
August Spy vs. Spy – Tech Comm vs. MarketingTech comm and marketing folks seem to have a lot of animosity, even though they share tactics, skill sets and methodologies (it’s all Communications)… “why do Mom and Dad keep fighting?”
September Your Career: Upgrade in ProgressWe upgrade our phones, our laptops, our TVs. We even talk about upgrading our skills. What do we need to do to upgrade our careers to something more challenging, satisfying, meaningful?
October The Art of Tech CommWhile the titles of technical communication projects are all the same, great communication is about more than just bullet points and how-to lists. It’s a creative art, or is it?Special Coverage: The LavaCon Conference 2012 and the second annual Halloween: Tech Writer Horror Stories
November Helping Society & Tech CommAs professional communicators, our jobs are to help explain and educate people. So how do we do that for society, instead of just a product or service?
December Year in ReviewThe return of our popular “All I Want for Christmas” reader contest, in addition to insightful reviews of the year’s top trends, the good stuff and the gotchas.
January 2013 Ready for 2013? Predictions and Focus on EducationPredictions for the new year and resolutions on furthering your education.
February When Worlds Collide (Love Edition)Other professions closely allied with tech comm in terms of skills, disciplines and goals often have their own teams in the organizations. Streamline, collaborate and negotiate are the watchwords.
March The Global in GlobalizationGlobalization strategies include more than translation. We need to focus on cultural issues for technical content production.Special Coverage: 20 Years of TechWhirl
April Sustainability & Tech CommWe live on a very small planet with limited resources and increasing population. What roles can tech comm play in organizations’ sustainability strategies and initiatives?Special Coverage: April Fools Day, Earth Day, and the DITA Summit
May The Classics – 60 years of Technical CommunicationsSTC celebrates 60 years of serving the technical communications profession at the STC Summit 2013 in Atlanta. It’s a good time for retrospection and recognition of our profession and our contstant state of change.Special Coverage: STC Summit 2013

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