Special Writers Unit


In June 2011, we began a “campaign” to build a roster of authors for the content produced on TechWhirl. A tweet that started out as a joke and a reference to cheesy awesome ‘80s television show quickly caught on and became the Special Writers Unit.  The A-TechWhirlers, Special Writers Unit are writers in search of fortune so if you have an idea on technical communications  that needs writing, and you have the time; then you too can be part of the SWU.

Joining SWU isn’t strenuous, just drop us a note, tweet, post, or even stand up and shout really loud, and we’ll get you set up.  We look forward to being in your fan club as you get on with becoming a world-famous millionaire tech writer, author and philanthropist… or even if you go onto become the best darned technical writer at your company.

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