Tech Writer This Week for April 17, 2014

Are you at the beach?

Are you at the beach?

The beach. Right now, are you at the beach? Before you blurt out ‘no!’ I’m watching the 74th snow fall of the year and start complaining about our use of comas,, let us explain that we could be referencing the sun and sand, but there are other uses of the phrase. For instance, in consulting one is either at the beach (not staffed on a project) or engaged (on a billable project). For a consultant, at the beach is a bad, bad thing because it means they’re not billable and it means they’re eligible for all the grunt work at the firm.

For our convo (little consulting speak there) we’re expanding the at the beach consulting concept to ‘working at your desk, but not really engaged.’ We’ll now ask again, are you at the beach?

If you are checked out spring is a great time for moving from beachfront property to something more inland, and hopefully, more engaging. The economy is picking up so why not make a move like George and Weezie, and take your talents to South Beach? If nothing else, it’ll mean you have some great stories to share with us here at TechWhirl. If you are making a move, or about to do it, we’d love to hear about it so let us know in the comments.

While you’re shaking off the sand on your towel, here’s a few of this week’s best articles on technical communication and customer experience management:

Don’t worry, you won’t get burned by any of these articles in this edition of Tech Writer This Week.

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