Tech Writer This Week for April 24, 2014

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Earth: Mostly Harmless
– Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

We’re celebrating Earth this week at Tech Writer This Week. Yes, that big blue marble hurling through space is the place we call home and it’s a dandy. While we have our suspicions on some of its inhabitants, the beauty and elegance of the third rock from the sun is something to behold.

With the assumption that Earth isn’t going to be removed for an intergalactic highway anytime soon, we decided to grab ourselves a cup of tea and look for some of the best technical communication, customer experience and content industry articles on the web for this week. Yes, some of the posts we found did leave the mice shaking their heads, but we did find more than a few articles that may just keep the dolphins hanging around for a little longer.

We’ve shared a few to prove we have a heart of gold:

Don’t Panic! We have these articles and much more in this edition of Tech Writer This Week.


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