Tech Writer This Week for August 14, 2014

Space, the ...


In this edition of Tech Writer This Week, we’re thinking about the passing of Robin Williams and how life moves far too quickly. He was funny, funny man who was also deeply troubled. Williams was a truly comic genius whose time passed far too fast.

It’s hard to argue that time doesn’t pass too quickly. Mondays become Sundays before our mission-critical task is done, and the heat of the summer becomes Christmas lights of winter and then spring practice ushers in a new cycle. We’re a work site that provides information, but for today we simply encourage you to pick your moments and do your best to always focus on what really matters. Yes, sometimes it’s work, but often it isn’t.

Just  spend your very precious time wisely, that’s all.

Some articles from this week’s batch:

These articles and many more are waiting for you in this edition of Tech Writer This Week.

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