Tech Writer This Week for August 28, 2014

I love Lucy – The Chocolate Scene

In this edition of Tech Writer This Week we’re thinking about being busy and the multitude of ways that too much to do slams into not enough time to do it. The formula that works best is to take ones baseline of activities and then add in some additional planned and unplanned work. The first day isn’t too bad and maybe the second, but like Lucy and Ethel, the responsibilities and deliverables start to outpace the ability to do them.

Our only hope is that we can keep the really important things moving forward and the quality of the work isn’t that deteriorated. Planning and pacing certainly help, but it can only get one so far. However, never fear 10s of readers, our crack team searched high and low for the best technical communication, content technology and content strategy articles to help save you a little time. There’s no reason for both of us to have too much to do.

Here’s a few while you’re trying to figure out if it’s 3AM or 3PM:

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More articles and goodness are right this way in this edition of Tech Writer This Week.

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