Tech Writer This Week for August 7, 2014

Comma, Butterfly

Comma, Butterfly

In this edition of Tech Writer This Week we’re thinking about commas and how such a small little spec can cause such uproar among the grammarians in the audience. Sure, they’re useful for helping people, pause when reading, but they’re also useful in limiting careers and endless debates. In addition to word crimes,  they’re also useful if an author needs to pound out around two-hundred words in a the week has been uninspiring.

Oh my it has been a slow week in the world of technical communications and even slower in the worlds of content consulting and technologies, but we’ve done our best to find the best of the woof best. Hopefully the normal gang of writers have a great vacation and come back, energized. Like, soon. Really, really soon. Please?

Here’s a few to peruse while our little caterpillar sorts out some things:

You’ll never want to pull the wings off our choices, but may chase a few, in this edition of Tech Writer This Week.

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