Tech Writer This Week for December 12, 2013

Christmas IT Time

Christmas IT Time

The trending hashtag #FiveWordTechHorrors has gotten us in the holiday spirit. There are many ways to get into the holiday spirit, for some it’s the first hearing of Dogs Barking Jingle Bells, or the Hershey’s Kiss commercial with the little bells (whew!) and for others it’s the knowledge that all of those toys will need assembled, but not us. Oh no, for us it’s the inevitable – hey, while you’re back can you take a look at my computer? question from a relative who knows they’ll see us over the holidays.

Uh, sure. Certainly. Absolutely. Can’t [insert sibling’s name] look at it before I’m back? Oh, they’re the one that caused the problems? Gotcha. Sure, we’ll take a look.  But, before we head back to do battle with Windows ME, let’s take a look at some of the best on the web for this week. We have to say it’s been a little sparse this week, but we found some gems worthy of a share or two.

Here’s a few to get you in the mood:

These articles and more are waiting for you, like that Gateway Pentium 90 back home, in this edition of Tech Writer This Week.


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