Tech Writer This Week for December 19, 2013

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

Happy Holidays!

Our final Tech Writer This Week for 2013 is a good one. It’s as if the online world decided that they each had one great last share before Father Time whisks this year away and Baby New Year starts its inevitable aging process. Unlike last week, which was a little thin, this week is as if either Santa turned a blind eye to the previous 300 days or maybe agreed with some of those decisions and gave us plenty of great content presents.

While we should give hearty thanks all year long, it does seem as if December is the month to cover all of those bases, and we’re no exception. We truly appreciate all of the great content that has been written and shared by those active industry denizens who aim to push us all to think a little more, push a little more and expand our little area. No one gets paid for this stuff, or if they do, it’s far less than their worth, yet here we are with pages of great thinking ready to share. Grab your eggnog, martini with the Santa hat ice cubes, or nice cup of hot chocolate and raise a glass to 2013 and a great New Year.

Here’s a few presents you can open just a little early:

This and plenty of reindeer games in this edition of Tech Writer This Week.

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