Tech Writer This Week for February 13, 2014

While tomorrow is dedicated to candy, cards and the love industry complex for much of the world, for us at TechWhirl, we dedicate each and every Thursday to love. Yes, we’re talking about the love of a good article, video or picture.

Similar to a finding a relationship, our article reviews are like dating and we don’t put them on the list until we know they’re the one. We kiss the frogs so you don’t have too. Inevitably, we find Prince Charming and Snow White among the Dwarfs. It’s an exciting and slow process but enjoyable to see such great works created and shared.

The most exciting part, dare we suggest the moments that make our heart skip a beat, isn’t when the old standbys—always good for a great … post … publish something good— but when we sometimes a new writer or Tweeter Poster person who shares something truly remarkable. Bring on the violins, the wine and the roses.

Love and good writing were certainly in the air this week. We have great articles on communications, customer experience management and the job search along with some notes about upcoming conferences.

Some articles to peruse while you’re waiting for those flowers:

So grab those chocolates, shine that jewelry and know that you’re always our Valentine in this edition of Tech Writer This Week.

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