Tech Writer This Week for February 13, 2015

13 BracondaleParticularly in a year with three Friday the 13th’s, we love pausing to contemplate superstition and irrational fears (noting that an irrational fear of treadmills ain’t so irrational when you’re still carrying scars from your last encounter). Yes, they’re still building office towers that skip the 13th floor. And we haven’t found any articles that start with “13 Ways to ….” for anything. On the other hand, we truly appreciate patisseries that offer a baker’s dozen on any of their creations.

There’s some evidence to indicate that technical writers, and other content creators, have irrational fears of tools other than the ones they’re familiar with, based on the number of debates that still rage on our discussion list. And when we compare notes on customer experiences these days, we continue to be surprised by the number of companies that harbor irrational fears of empathy and basic courtesy.

So while you doggedly pursue that final deadline of the week, consider how lucky you are that we comb the internet to find the fabulous and fortuitous posts that tech comm, content strategy and customer experience thought leaders have produced, including:

You have slightly more than 13 seconds to see what else has turned up on this week’s edition of Tech Writer This Week.


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