Tech Writer This Week for February 6, 2014

writers block blank square _ web

Full disclosure, we struggle each week to find a different theme for new editions of Tech Writer This Week. It’s not easy and frankly the only reason we even produce this intro piece is because the tool we use, Storify, formats terribly when embedded into our theme.  This and the fact Storify occasionally blows up means each week we’re trying to find a few words to introduce the article.

Between the constant struggle to find something that isn’t discussing the weather or an upcoming holiday, and not using the phrase this week in Tech Writer This Week  these few little words take a heck of a lot of time. However, we do our best to find something, but not this week.


We’re throwing in the towel and dedicating this one to writer’s block. It happens and we’re embracing it. We’re owning it and tip our hat to those this week who don’t have it. You’re rock stars who are all beautiful, have great hair and sport a lovely smile.

A few teasers to help spur your creative juices:

We’re going to go meditate now and prepare our Valentine’s / late winter edition for next week. You can find the rest of the best on the web by checking out this week’s edition of Tech Writer This Week.

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