Tech Writer This Week for January 16, 2015

tricycleWe’ve been pondering one place in the intersection of tech comm, user experience design and customer experience management this week.  User error… resulting in missed appointments, wasted time, and even some bumps and bruises when you don’t know how a piece of exercise equipment works.  We design user assistance to support the buyer/user in learning how to correctly use the product. Sometimes we create content to help them troubleshoot set up, but anticipating what might go wrong, not so much.

While recuperating from an unfortunate mishap with a treadmill, we managed to dig up some worthwhile posts, some speak to this little intersection, others are just plain interesting. And we’ve included just a few of the many retweets from @UselessAssist on the pain and anguish of assembling those holiday gifts. Folks we can commiserate with. Here’s a few highlights from folks we can learn from:

Park your trike and investigate the rest of the best in this week’s edition of Tech Writer This Week.

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