Tech Writer This Week for January 23, 2015


When you’re dealing with Sisyphean employers, customers or clients, you generally have two choices.  You can adopt a Zen-like approach and contemplate the beauty inherent in those boulders. Or you can jump online, order a pair of steel-toed boots for overnight delivery, and get kicking (making no distinction between boulders and body parts.)

If you’re considering a hybrid approach, take some notes, shoot a how-to video, and make some serious coin on useful content every person who works for a living would give up a paycheck for. Because while it’s nice to believe our role can be one of zapping away the rocks of user frustration and management entropy, chances are you get a lot of practical experience in boulder-rolling in the mere experience of creating good content.

While you’re finishing up the storyboard, you can peruse our latest collection of boulder-blasting advice, opinion and research from the many luminaries of customer experience, content strategy and tech comm, including:

We have lots more to contemplate in the latest edition of Tech Writer This Week.

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