Tech Writer This Week for July 3, 2014

Happy Independence Day!

Gaining Independence ….

We’re thinking about our independence in this edition of Tech Writer This Week. It’s something that comes in many forms. Independence could be the first steps of a child, a hard fought war, or the moment when someone realizes that there can be more.

The more is always very personal, but the moment a yearning for independence occurs it’s the start of something big. It’s not always easy. Like the United States, or any person or group who has ever sacrificed something in the short-term, groups and people push for independence because they have hopes for a better tomorrow. Economic, employment, or personal independence sometimes doesn’t come easily. In fact, there’s almost always a battle for that freedom. From job search to declaring that that old ways in the office or industry are dead, often means facing the wrath of those who want to keep the status quo However, with the right amount of diligence, those seeking independence will prevail.

This week, like always, we’ve fought the battle to find the best content technology, strategy, and technical communications articles for our readers, and are proud to say that we’ve been victorious! We’ve liberated them and put them together in one easy spot for you to review, comment and share. In addition to the web, we’ve also summarized the new content from TechWhirl, because frankly, we’re taking tomorrow off to celebrate with the rest of the US.

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